The Causes Of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay or cavities happens when bacteria accumulate in your mouth create acids that abrade your teeth. If left untreated, tooth decay may eventually worsen to infections, toothache, and possible tooth loss. The decay process starts with hidden damage to … Continued

5 Dental Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Teeth are important. A healthy set of teeth not only helps you show off a fantastic smile, but it also helps you maintain good overall health. The absence of a tooth or multiple teeth can make common tasks such as … Continued

7 Tips for Your Smile Makeover

Are you thinking about getting a smile makeover? Good for you! Now there are many new options for improving your smile that are available due to enhanced dental technologies. There is just no reason for you to wait any longer.  … Continued

7 Things You Should Know About Over the Counter Oral Hygiene Product Active Ingredients

Triclosan Might be in Your Oral Hygiene Product Triclosan is an antibacterial composite in cleaners, soaps, body washes and oral hygiene products of all sorts. While triclosan combats gingivitis, some people argue it might have negative health ramifications. There is … Continued

5 Tips to Care for Your Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can help you chew your food normally. In addition to that, they also bring your natural smile back. Many people suffer from self-esteem issues because of the condition of their teeth, but they improve after getting dental crowns. … Continued

Why Teeth Whitening is Really Worth It

Teeth whitening is the fastest way to lighten the shade of your teeth and beautify your smile.  The last thing you need is to display several white teeth when parting your lips to smile. Stained or discolored teeth really do … Continued

What’s The Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures

Those who are missing teeth have a couple oral health solutions to choose from.  Two of the most popular options are dentures and dental implants. If you are missing teeth and have a fairly healthy jaw and gums, you might … Continued

Fastest Options For a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover has the potential to transform your smile without an abundance of time in the dentist’s chair.  It might be possible to rectify your smile flaw in as little as a single treatment. Yet there are some smile … Continued

When Is A Root Canal Necessary?

When a dentist or another individual utters the words, “root canal,” most people immediately think about a potentially painful dental procedure.  The truth is root canals really are not that painful. Here is a look at the instances in which … Continued

6 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Done

A lot of people associate cosmetic dentistry with vain, image-obsessed, Hollywood celebrities. However, it is not superficial or shallow to get your teeth done. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good or have a brighter smile. Furthermore, cosmetic … Continued