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At A Briter Smile, we recognize the significance of preserving your oral health proactively. As a premier family dental practice in Highland Park Los Angeles, CA, our mission is to protect your oral, dental, and overall well-being. We understand that maintaining robust teeth is crucial, enabling you to comfortably engage in everyday activities like speaking and chewing without the risk of oral complications.

Understanding Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are specialized materials used to address hollowness within your teeth. They serve to restore the natural shape and structure of your teeth, significantly reducing their susceptibility to fractures and breakage.

Moreover, dental fillings enhance the stability of your teeth, anchoring them securely to your gums, preventing any potential loosening. They prove exceptionally useful in repairing a variety of dental issues, such as:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Tooth decay and the formation of cavities
  • Wear and tear caused by teeth grinding

Why Dental Fillings Matter

Cavities and tooth decay can leave your teeth hollow and fragile and they can cause infection in jaw bones(preapical infections). Dental fillings play a vital role in safeguarding the structural integrity of your teeth. By fortifying your teeth, they ensure that you can confidently handle the stresses of daily life.

Experience Quality Dental Fillings at A Briter Smile

If you’re seeking dental fillings in Highland Park Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, consider A Briter Smile as your trusted provider.

Our Range of Dental Fillings

At A Briter Smile, we exclusively use bio-friendly filling materials. These materials are safe and do not react negatively to anything you consume.

Composite Resin: An economical option, composite resin fillings are best suited for temporary use until permanent fillings are ready.

Porcelain: Porcelain fillings offer a natural appearance that closely resembles your teeth. However, they have a shorter lifespan compared to metal fillings.

The Dental Filling Procedure

When you choose A Briter Smile, for your dental fillings, your journey begins with a comprehensive consultation. During this stage, we employ advanced panoramic X-rays and 3D X-rays to assess your mouth and jaw, pinpointing the teeth requiring filling.

On the day of your treatment, our skilled dental surgeons initiate the procedure by administering local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. We utilize state-of-the-art BIOLASE water laser technology for tooth preparation.

Conventional dental drills may inadvertently remove healthy tooth sections, impacting long-term dental health. In contrast, the precise BIOLASE water laser allows us to remove only the necessary tooth sections, creating space for the fillings gently. The laser is gentle and produces minimal debris, ensuring no tooth fragments remain beneath the filling.

We thoroughly address any bacterial infection or decay in your teeth before proceeding to fill them with your chosen material. Afterward, we meticulously remove excess filling, creating a natural-looking finish. If necessary, a special light is used to expedite material hardening.

Following the treatment, you may experience mild tooth sensitivity, which should subside shortly. It is advisable to avoid activities that involve teeth grinding and abstain from consuming hard foods for a few days. Subsequently, limit your intake of hard foods to extend the lifespan of your fillings.

*  This service is coming soon to our location.

Safe Treatment for Kids

Dental fillings are a suitable option for children who have experienced significant dental trauma and are in pain. We employ specially formulated fillings made from materials such as glass ionomer cement or zinc oxide eugenol to address cavities and chipping in pediatric teeth. These fillings gradually release fluoride into the teeth, preventing bacterial infections.Also in case of dental Sealant it can be directly applied to your child’s tooth, eliminating the need for laser or tooth drilling.

When to Consider Dental Filling Replacement

The longevity of dental fillings varies by material:

  • Composite resin, porcelain, and glass ionomer cement fillings typically last 5 to 7 years.


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